Novel review: “Love Anthony” by Lisa Genova

“Love Anthony” is such a passionate novel. Every page of this books is pure emotion. Through desires, dreams and weaknesses, every character appears autentic and charming. Beth is a betrayed woman, but she still loves her husband Jimmy. She’s trying to find herself: she starts writing again after years with a new novel whose protagonist is an autistic child. Olivia is a woman who has lost something really important, as her will to live. She lives alone on a island, on the stormy beaches of Nantucket. She looking for some answers about Anthony’s life and about her ex-husband David. “Love Anthony” is a trip into the Anthony’s mind. Into his amazing world. A strong novel, sad at times, that brings hope, as summer always does every year, There you can find love in everything, even in a betrayal. The author writes about autism in a new way, explaining how it works, how to “fight” it. She recounts Anthony’s point of view and every emotion of the family members that need to understand his mind. Lisa Genova tells a story about parent’s drama, about a war between feelings. And she propose a solution: love is everywhere and is the only thing that never dies.

Thank’s to Rossella Rasulo for her collaboration.

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